by Gerhardts

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After four years of deliberation and 10+ years of friendship, something was finally recorded.
Also available on itunes, amazon, spotify etc.

"Cold" was a featured song of the day on Seattle's KEXP radio station


released November 12, 2013

Recorded by Jackson Long at HMS Studios (Seattle, WA)
Mixed by Erik Blood
Mastered by Adam Straney at BreakPoint Mastering
Vocals recorded by Justin Wilmore at Slate Coffee Roastery
All songs written and performed by Gerhardts
Cover photo by Edy Altamirano Guillen



all rights reserved


Gerhardts Seattle, Washington

Out of numerous influences they have cultivated their own unique style which resists easy genre-classification but is both challenging and deeply satisfying. Weaving through their music you can hear the rhythmic interplay of Spoon; the stately momentum of Low; the cascading arpeggios of Radiohead and The Cocteau Twins; and even the guitar grunge of Neil Young with Crazy Horse. ... more

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Track Name: Too Young To Speak
I've been disappointed by love cause
I've been disappointed by me love
Love won't you show me the way out of this hole
That I've been digging since they first came and took
My little voice away
Too young to speak, makes it run so deep
Left alone at the door,
Am I abandoned or alone
Oh don't let it mean, I'm alone
I've been disappointed by love cause
I've been holding on to this grudge love
Against your mysterious ways
Now I'm stuck in this hell with all the other kids
Who have been just trying To rise above the minimum wage
Never pays, inflation just makes
Mental slaves to their wage
Why won't you just give up and grow up
They say give up and grow up
Track Name: 1998
If I close my eyes hard enough tonight
Will you hear me thinking thinking of your name
Cause we're just boys who want to know
What love is, what love can be
Your youth fades like smoke, into the night air
Yeah he was scared, he still showed her he cared and listened all night
If I close my eyes hard enough tonight
Will you appear in my room dear
Cause we're just flesh and bone
Who want to know if what they dream can be reality
Track Name: Cold
It is sinking in the covering blue, you can't feel underneath the weight
Its the sorrow that fell from a tree
Memories that are not your own
But still make you feel it all
Take the place at the head of all that you are
A wondering home a stranger whose wanting to be known
It is sinking in the covering blue, let a new story come from within you
Help me write it, from here, to eternity this is all just a little to surreal
Track Name: Memory As Melody
Where is this loss leading
All the way back to the beginning
Its an ancient grieving
Don't you worry about anything at all
There will be enough sorrow left for tomorrow
Memory as melody my heart skips a beat
That fucker called death left nothing innocent
Innocence, innocent, in a sense
Travel back through the fires in your mind
Find what's left of the hidden divine
Learn to enjoy the heart break of this sorrowful joy
And don't you worry about anything because
Track Name: SKBE
Every time I see a plane up in the air
My heart thinks of you sitting alone but completely there
Stuck in the place between two hearts its never fair I know
But I'm going to fight for you and give you a voice I swear
I will right this wrong, I'll right this wrong
Between you and me I'll right, alright
And boy can we grow up and be
I promise too keep all of your dreams inside of me
Can we land in those golden fields and believe
Cause I need you to tell me that everything is gonna be alright with me